About us

Goals & Principles

Fresh Mind International observes the national and international labour law and recruitment polices. Our concern in labour business is evident in the way we operate. All our inputs in our services are considerate and friendly.

Fresh Mind International recognizes that it is everybody’s constitutional right to live and work in a healthy and conducive environment and it’s our obligation to provide a safe working environment to our clients.


The strength of our experience and other directors’ acumen and assistance will be Fresh Mind International competitive edge as well as a significant asset. The Directors have been involved in the management of several companies with similar businesses for a long while. The Company has been in position to employ highly skilled employees, who are regularly trained on the various aspects of business. The Directors have realized the team that will be involved in the running of The Company are people of repute and experience. Their success in the various respective fields speaks volumes for themselves.

Company success.

We pride ourselves on our proven record of accomplishment for effectively administering multiple implementations and ensuring that all business requirements are met within budget restraints and time schedules.